Small change

My husband recently nudged (more like shoved) me to post a before and after photograph of myself on social media. At first I was quite embarrassed, not just because my lumps and bumps were now out there for all to see, but because I was faced with having to look at the before picture myself. … Continue reading Small change

The dreaded lunchbox drill

I am writing about balance today (especially nutrition). Ironically I’m doing this while prepping my lessons for tomorrow (I’m a teacher), sorting out my news diary for the week (I’m also a reporter), organising breakfast for my family (of course we all prefer something different in the morning…those with toddlers will understand) and packing the … Continue reading The dreaded lunchbox drill

I’m too…

How often do you talk yourself out of something before you even started? I’m sure it happens to many of us, especially when it comes to changing habits around our health and fitness. I’ve chosen Crossfit on my fitness journey and this form of exercise elicits that response more often than not. “I’m too unfit”, … Continue reading I’m too…

Coming soon

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting CrossFitish. This blog is under construction, but will soon be up and running. This is where you will be able to follow me on my fitness journey and hopefully be inspired to become fitter, healthier and stronger. I’m incredibly excited to share my story with you. Many blessings Y Continue reading Coming soon